2017-10-03 SBS condemns violence in Myanmar

The Buddhist Cooperation Council of Sweden condemns violence in Myanmar

The Buddhist Cooperation Council of Sweden (SBS) wishes to express their deep concern and sadness about the unscrupulous, brutal violence that is taking place in Myanmar's state of Rakhine. In Myanmar, there have long been many ethnic groups living side by side with each other. However, in spite of democratization efforts, the socio-economic and political misconduct has grown more and more during the last decades, and the conflict in Rakhine has escalated since 2012.

The Buddha's teaching strongly points out justice, non-violence and everyone's equal value. It is our responsibility as human beings to act with compassion and respect towards all people, regardless of their ethnic or religious identity.

At the European Buddhist Union's annual meeting of September 24th, 2017 in Poland, the SBS has proposed a joint statement on the terrible violence taking place in Myanmar. Read an extract of the statement here:

"The European Buddhist Union reaffirms the fundamental principles of Buddhism, as already declared by many of the world’s foremost Buddhist leaders in their statement addressed to Buddhists in Myanmar in December 2012:

We wish to reaffirm to the world and to support you in practicing the most fundamental Buddhist principles of non-harming, mutual respect and compassion.

These fundamental principles taught by the Buddha are at the core of Buddhist practice:

Buddhist teaching is based on the precepts of refraining from killing and causing harm.

Buddhist teaching is based on compassion and mutual care.

Buddhist teaching offers respect to all, regardless of class, caste, race or creed.

As European Buddhists we stand up for these values and we reaffirm our solidarity with all the victims of violence, harm and persecution.

We express our aspiration for the restoration of peace, non-violence and respect for human rights as well as the creation of the conditions for all ethnic groups in Myanmar to live in peaceful coexistence and equality. “

SBS statement on condemning violence in Myanmar in PFD-file