SBS Organisation

SBS Organisation



Swedish Buddhist Cooperation Council consists of a Council which meets at least once a year for an annual meeting. The Council includes a representative from each member association. The Council elects a Board of directors, who runs the day to day work during the year.


The Board of SBS 2016


Trudy Fredriksson, Chairwoman (Association of Tibetan Buddhism, KTG)

Bhante Dhammaratana Nayaka Maha Thera, Vice Chairman (Stockholm Buddhist Vihara)

Eva Abrahmsén, Treasurer (Sakya Changchub Chöling)

Ekaterina (Katja) Panova, Secretary, (Association of Tibetan Buddhism in Gothenburg)

Phra Ben Athaphong Molen, Member (Wat Pah Sokjai temple)

Daniel Trung Pham, Member (Vietnamese Culture & Buddhist Association, Chua Phat Quang Temple)


The Council also has representatives on the The Swedish Commission for Government Support to Faith Communities (SST) and the Government's Council for contact with faith communities.


Application for membership in SBS


Swedish Buddhist Cooperation Council would like to see more Buddhist associations/societies as members. If your organization would be interested in this, then read SBS statutes and download application forms.


Statutes of SBS.


Application forms (in Swedish).